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Spotify for galaxy watch

I had it installed on my phone first. Have you got the Samsung Music app on your watch as this is where I found where the issue is. The default music player on the watch is Samsung Music. I didnt download from Samsung Wearable but from the Galaxy Store on my watch
Relief, thank god
How u did please guide me please

Please help man!!!! 


Hi, I made sure everything was updated on phone and watch then I did this:


On the watch, go to the Samsung music icon. Click on the 3 dots on the right side, click on the Music player Icon, scroll down to Spotify and click on the Spotify dot. Come out and go to Galaxy App Store on your watch and then search Spotify. It appears and I have just downloaded it to my watch. 


You must have a Premium account and installed on your phone however. 


I changed it to spotify in my music but still cannot download it from app store it is not visible please helppppp!!!!

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This is not working for me


Man please save me !!!!! 


Mate, instead of uselessly having a cry on here and complaining that it's not working, why don't you actually provide us with some helpful information, so we can actually try and help


Phone Model:

Phone Android Version:

Watch Tizen Version:

Spotify App Version (Phone):

Galaxy Store Version:



I mean, seriously... How do you expect anyone to help you if you don't provide any debugging info?! Just saying, "This doesn't work" is absolutely useless.


Unfortunately, this did not help me either :'(

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