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Feature request: Bluetooth 'Allow External Devices To Start Playback'

(Topic created on: 11-05-2024 03:20 AM)
First Poster

Hi - I'd like to request the feature mentioned in the title.

When my Galaxy S23 gets connected automatically to my car's Bluetooth stereo, any media that I was playing before will start auto-playing. Or sometimes Spotify will randomly open itself and music will start without me requesting it.

The car's stereo is partly to blame as it is 'asking' the phone to play music and it cannot be changed, as you would with a pair of Galaxy buds when single tapping the touch controls, however this did not happen with an iPhone 12 I had before switching to my S23.

I'm surprised there is no configuration in the S23 to stop this behavior at the OS level, or at least at the Bluetooth device level. For instance, YouTube music has an option to disable the ability of external devices (a car stereo in this case) to 'ask' the phone to play music, which seemed to work after I uninstalled Spotify, which does not have this option. This also happens with YouTube for videos, audiobooks, and any media being played in the phone.

As such, my feature request (and many other users as I read in multiple forums) is for One UI to have an option to 'Don't Allow External Device To Start Playback' in a Bluetooth device's configuration. This will avoid any external devices requests for media playback in the phone itself rather than depending of an application's configuration.

Thank you