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I’m glad that I found some time to read some of the comments, I thought it just happened to me and I had my washing machine just over a year, what a shame to sell a faulty product and I am surprised why are these washing machines still in shops for sale. I am so so disappointed. I was expected a bit better than that from a Samsung machine. Never again. 


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wow !! same thing just happened to my 7kg . after reading these reviews i'm ANGRY

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not gonna go thru all this nonsence ,ordering my Bosch


Its the main PCB that is the culprit - however Samsung remain in silence - some think the welding is bad some think capacitors are to small - ect ect ... google it and there are many opinions ...  :-(   


But one thing is sure - THIS should have been fixed for all Samsung customers free of charge 


Just happened to me. The very least they can do is send out a heavily subsidised pcb board as it costs enough to get it fitted. Would rather just buy a new machine than spend £200 on a repair. 


I might have found a quick fix - try heating the PCB with a hair dryer .. it works on mine and when machine is running print stay hot enough...think its the capacitors 

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Same problem 3e code , motor not working.


Tried the Hair Drier trick and it's worked .. up and running in minutes after warming up the pcb



Yes mine have worked for half a year...but now it needs tapping on the board also.

Wish we could find the culprit ...i will try changing the capacitors soon
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