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Smart Refrigerator/Fridge/Freezer

(Topic created on: 03-04-2024 12:21 AM)
My Samsung fridge screen is not turning off like it used to. Takes a while to notice as it goes black for a split second so you think it has.

Had an issue recently where the Ring app wouldn't time out, this finally looks like it was resolved.
However, it now looks like the screen itself doesn't time out! I checked it today, restarted it, changed settings to take cover screen off completely but nothing is stopping it from staying on.

I watched it from afar, so as not to trigger the motion sensor - it turns off for a split second and then restarts again on its own accord. Taken me a while to notice - i have cover screen photos that come on and a few weeks ago i noticed i was seeing more photos (which i was glad about as sick of seeing the same ones all the time (annoying samsung dont have a proper shuffle function in place). I did think this was odd though, as it's never happened before, as I said, it's always shown the same photos because it starts in the same place before it times out.. (i have it set for a duration of 2 mins before turning off) - today I watched it because i couldn't understand why it was now showing newer photos and then i realised - when i think its switched off and then come back on again because of my motion its actually doing that anyway even when am nowhere near.. so it's actually just staying on continuously- wondering if anyone elses is doing the same? Or if you've even noticed?