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Cannot register warranty (5 years)

(Topic created on: 03-05-2024 06:15 PM)
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 I bought this oven in December 2021 from AO, back then the oven was eligible for an extended warranty if you register (5years). Unfortunately I couldn't register (very common problem here) and I had to get in touch with Samsung Support. The agent couldn't help me, he was getting the same error but in the end he said that if I have the proof of purchase, I should not have any problems. After I had the confirmation from Samsung, I gave up registering (I have the proof of purchase). A couple of days ago, I finally decided to grill something (up to now the oven was used only by my wife), and I noticed that the conventional fan doesn't work, I tried to reset the oven, no succes.P.S I ask my wife if it was like that from beginning or not, she said that she didn't look at the fan but she heard the noise of it(she heard the noise of the cooling fan).

So, I decided to contact Samsung (since I have 5 years of warranty), however, it didn't work as I expected. The agent said no to my request due to the non registered product. I tried to explain, and told him about the story (proof and problems with registration) but the answer was still "NO".

Now, dear Samsung, do you think this is acceptable, you have numerous complaints about this issue and the people are still struggling to register their products?!

For those who bought a Samsung product and can't register the extended warranty, return the product, don't take the risk as I did. 

P.S after the last chat with support I tried to register and it worked.(After 3 years "Carl").But it doesn't matter, it's useless now!!!