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Note9 Delivery Problems


@ven23 - I think you are confusing things a bit. store is managed by Samsung (i assume) as it's owned by Samsung.

Samsung Experience Store is not managed by Samsung (not directly I would assume even if it's branded everywhere as Samsung) as they don't own them - I believe Apple are the only ones that own & manage their stores.

Samsung presence in telco/other stores is not managed by Samsung as they don't own them.


The fact that a physical store confirmed they have the product on stock, has nothing to do with not having it anymore - I suspect they all work with stocks - some stocks are higher, some are lower, some sell faster, some sell slower, etc. - which I believe causes this type of situations in which you have put an order which for whatever reason is taking longer to complete, than you going to a physical store that has the product in stock.




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