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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update

My fitbit has started working again but only if I connect in a roundabout way.

First I have set the fitbit to 'always connect' via the app. Then I turn on the bluetooth, location etc but DO NOT deliberately connect either via the blueooth settings or the fitbit app.

I just leave it for maybe 10 mins and it connects. I often don't get any notifications and it may say there's issues but if I check the fibit app it is updated.
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hi - i was struggling with the same problem.  i tried many things noted in the thread.  ultimately what seemed to work  was updating the other device driver, in my case it was a bluetooth microphone.  

Hi, And you got Charge2 paired then after updating bt mic?

So Galaxy A8 (2018) just lost its bluetooth functionality. It doesn't get notifications from Charge2 and it doesn't connect to car radio as mediaplayer. Somehow it's connecting to a car as phone and still gets updates for steps and calories from Fitbit Charge2. And it actually sometimes works as media player when all other bluetooth device pairs are deleted on both car and phone. Which makes it totally unusable. Will there be any fix or solution? All this worked well before latest updates.


Can sadly confirm the latest Software update has not fixed the problem, which makes me think there will be at least another 2 months for a possible patch.

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Did not work.

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I'm having the same connectivity issue I tried to connect a fitbit alta and an amazon echo to my mom's Galaxy A8 and nothing worked.

This is a huge defect on the latest software update, I'm an Iphone user and I have never face something like that.

Samsung do something or you will lose a lot of customers.

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Returned both samsungs to store. Good job Samsung for updating phones to unusable and then deniying the problem.


Hi all


I also have A8 + fitbit charge 2 and i have tried anything to make pairing work.  I have noticed couple of things.


- charge 2 pairs "partially". Syncs with fitbit app, but not in bluetooth settings. Notifications wont work because its  not fully paired


- this partially pairing is causing errors with other bluetooth devices. Cannot pair with new devices or its hard, sound errors with bt headset/speakers, call connection error to bt handsfree, car audio etc


- if you uninstall fitbit app and restart your phone all the others bluetooth devices seems to work right and all the errors are gone what i mentioned 


- so fitbit apps direct connection is causing bluetooth problems


I dont know who to blame for this, Is it samsung, fitbit or google? Yes it is a fibit device and app, but everything worked on android 8, and same kind of problems has been with googles own pixel phones, and not only with fitbit devices, but also with other bluetooth Low energy devices.


But anyway, this is samsungs phone and sofware, so it would be nice to know is there anything going to fix this with googlw and fitbit.

All the issues dissapeared when I swapped one Samsung to Nokia and the other to Blackberry. Both can run Fitbit and connect to car radio without problem. And cost together about as much as one Samsung did.
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