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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update


My phone updated on 22/04/2019 and since this date my bluetooth will not connect to anything.


I first tried with my fitbit, a charge 2. It pops up on the screen saying 'connected charge 2' and then 'disconnected charge 2' after about 15-30 seconds. If I try to sync the fitbit through the app a few times, it comes up saying there is a bluetooth issue and to reset bluetooth, but when I press this it doesn't make any difference. I thought it was the fitbit but it won't connect to my satnav either. For this it keeps popping up telling me to put in the password - it then tries to connect and says it can't. 


I spoke to a guy on the live chat who guided me through clearing my cache and data on bluetooth, and reseting all network connections. However nothing seems to work. Any ideas? 

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@Dougweller wrote:

Do you have all the updates? My wife and I can connect to devices via. Bluetooth.

I wonder if it's an app causing the problems.

It cant be an app, it occured after a system update around a year ago, plus if it is an app problem it would be Samsungs responsibility to fix as I use Samsung music. The problem isnt that I cannot use bluetooth, it is that my phone will now automatically sync for calls only, bluetooth audio wont sync unless I switch bluetooth on and off

Well I updated the phone, which I haven’t done in ages, fixed...
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Bluetooth of my Samsung A8 (2018) is constantly connecting and disconnecting with my car (audio) since the last update. This is very, very, very annoying. Samsung, please do something about it asap... fix it!!


Same is happening for me. Since the last 2 updates my Bluetooth won't stay connected in my car.

I've reset connections and cleared data/caches but the issue seems to be getting worse not better.

Any suggestions for fixes would be great 


It's a bit hard to see how something that doesn't affect everyone, and that at least one person recently solved by updating their phone, can be fixed. It seems likely it's either not updating or other Apps being the problem, or even the software of the car.


I did wonder if it was something to do with Spotify as that is the main app I use in the car and it often use to freeze when playing in the car, but it seems to work ok with Bluetooth headphones (although it took 6 goes for the phone to connect to them the other day).

It could be the car, it's due for a service soon so I'll check as to whether there are updates available for the entertainment system, I'm hoping it will upgrade to android auto so I can connect via usb and not need to use Bluetooth in the car.

But there is a clear link between this issue starting after a recent update. 

Hello I made an update 8.4.2020 (EU) security patch 1.3.2020 and it's even worse. Before it could connect and disconnect ( annoying ) but now it didn't connect at all. I think there is no interest of Samsung to do anything on this "old" model.

Hi all,
I have an A8 2018, which has worked badly since the last update of 2019 december.
The Bluetooth cannot or is only connected to other devices for a short time.
The phone was delivered to Samsung Service twice, the motherboard was replaced,
but the problem was not resolved.
After a lot of research I found the following:
the problem is that the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) function is working poorly.
The transmission power of the Bluetooth is set too low by the system.
The only solution is to downgrade to the last working software version.
I have made and worked. My cell phone works great with the old software version from November 2019.
An official solution is not available.


This is just so odd. My wife and I have the latest updates on our A8s and they work perfectly with our Fitbit Charges and all of my headsets, my car, etc.

It is not that the connection cannot be established, but the problem is remaining connected... ittermittenly the connection is lost when playing music on my car stereo and other blue tooth devices since not last but previous last update from Samsung. Same issue on a brand new A71, bought last week.
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