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What's your average battery life on the Galaxy Watch 42mm?

(Topic created on: 06-03-2020 11:38 AM)
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So I am wondering what battery life you guys are getting on the 42mm galaxy watch, reason I wanna find out is because I was thinking of getting it checked out by Samsung to check for faults but I am unsure if there is a problem or if I am getting what everyone else is getting. Obviously this depends on what features you have enabled so I will explain what I have enabled and how long its lasting, I also currently use my watch for tracking sleep. I would like to track my stress but then I need to enable the heart rate tracking constantly I am concerned this will have an impact on my battery.


  • WiFi off
  • NFC off
  • Location off
  • Watch always on off
  • Touch wake up off
  • Bixby disabled
  • Brightness 2
  • Bluetooth on
  • Heart rate monitor frequent (10 minutes)
  • Bezel wake up off
  • Wake up gesture on
  • Screen timeout 10 seconds
  • Auto detect workout on

With the above settings I am getting about 48hrs battery life maybe just under depending on usage, I don't have many notifications come through to the watch, I have moderate usage such as checking messages, occasional replies, tracking my sleep, occasional phone calls, and sometimes I check samsung health to track my steps and caffeine intake. I do use goodnight mode at night.


The battery seems to drain dramatically when I do a work out or when I browse and change watch faces. I was wondering if anyone manages to get the quoted 4 days battery life and what features they use to get this? I also want to know how long the battery lasts with all the features on and heavy usage, is it possible to actually get through the day, track you stress and track your sleep? It just seems if I actually use my watch properly like go on Spotify browse the news or weather and spend some time on it, I just lose like 10 percent in 10 minutes or so.


Any information would be appreciated.

- Brad

Battery on this model lasts for roughly 2 days. Which is why I exchanged it for the 46mm version. Battery on the 46mm lasts on average 4 days depending on what you have running on it. Remove/disable anything you dont use constantly. Other things just enable them when you need them.

It's just a case of tweaking it to your individual needs.

User manual in the box is useless but you can find full version on the net.

Hope this helps.