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Watch Active2 backplate broke off

(Topic created on: 27-07-2023 10:21 PM)


After a year of wearing my Active2 watch casually the back plate "just" came off. While wearing the watch i noticed that there was a small gap between the back plate and the case so i took off my watch and saw that the 4 connection points were broken. I was surprised as i didn't drop or handle the watch rough before hand.

Long story short, customer support is keeping me on the usual "we are trying to pass on this problem to customer service" but didn't solve anything. Now almost 2 months later after the first call the problem persists and the customer service is not keeping their side of the promise. Also ridiculous warranty process.

Now i saw that this problem somehow existed for other users to in various form so i thought bringing it to customer support would fix it since it was still withing the warranty period. I brought it to a service center after a call and they said it would take 3 days tops.

When i was at the center i checked the functionality of the watch together with a repair man and we both confirmed that all functionalities worked on my watch. it was just that the connection points were cracked. A day later i got a mail in which said that it would cost me 999 euro to repair my watch. That was a ridiculous quote so i mailed back right after but didn't got a reaction at all. after 5 days i called again to customer service (as the service centers dont have a number) and i heard that they were "working" on an investigation why the bill was so high. this was repeated twice and so after 3 weeks i went back to the repair shop to find out that my warranty had been void by a minuscule crack at the front cover. That wasn't my problem at all, the 4 connection pieces just cracked! That was my main problem. So the real cost of repair was 250 euro. Still better off with buying a new watch (as usual with repairs).

Because this process took longer than it had to and i couldn't use a watch for a month i called in to customer support to give an complaint. the complaint was received but after not getting a call over a week i called again and it turned out nobody had put through the complaint!

I think Samsung doesn't care about their customers at all. This terrible service is what makes people choose Apple or Google Pixel over Samsung. It's sad because i used my watch with pleasure.

If you've also experienced this customer support limbo or the broken back plate, post it to!20230727_231227.jpg20230727_231201.jpg20230727_231123.jpg


I'm sorry to hear about your experience, @R_y_a_n. This is definitely unexpected and to help you look into the escalation you've carried out with the Samsung Technical Support Team, please send a private message to Sam_UK if you're based in UK or Ireland, so I or one of my colleagues can request some details to see if there's any updates available. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your private message. Information on how you can send this can be found on this page: 


Same thing happened to me right after the warranty ended. Handy that way isn't it?


Hi @R_y_a_n, good morning.

Thank you for reaching out to us! My colleagues have of the UK Community have send us a message regarding this, because you went to a Dutch service center 😇 If you send me a DM( with your phone number and mail address, I will look up your file to see what the status is.


Kind regards,