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Step Count Issues

(Topic created on: 13-12-2022 02:22 PM)

I have noticed the last few days when I wake up around 5 am that my watch shows I have like 1500 steps. 1. I don't wear my watch at night and let it charge. 2. I am in bed by 10 pm. When I check the health app on my phone it seems like the steps and other measurements are a few hours off. Like it is resetting around 6 pm or so instead of midnight. It is so annoying and I can't find any fix. I can only think that there was a recent update that broke this. I have not changed any settings for months on both the watch and my phone regarding the Health App. It almost seems like it is a time zone thing. I did notice that the clock app said it had a time zone update and it needed the phone to restart to finish the update, but my phone is in the correct time zone. Anyone having this issue? Or better yet, anyone have a fix for this?

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You could try clearing the health apps cache. Also clear the wear apps cache. Give the watch a reboot holding both side buttons in until the watch turns off itself. It's always good to reboot the watch at least once a week. If neither work maybe reset the watch but back up your data first.