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Watch 4 - Suggestions for software improvements

(Topic created on: 09-01-2022 06:16 PM)
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Dear Samsung
Besides Goggle-assistant I have 3 suggestion for software improvements.

1. I use my watch as alarm clock. When the alarm is active I can slide up in the left side to cancel the alarm or I can slide up to the right to snooze. But in the morning, tired and with no glasses I often do it wrong. Please change the slide function to: slide up to cancel and slide down to snooze or left/right. That will be a lot easier in the morning.
This suggestion is also from my wife. She doesn't like when I leave the watch on snooze in the bedroom.

2. When the brightness is set to auto the always on display is to bright i darke conditions to my taste. Will it be possible to implement an extra brightness control for det dimmed always on display. Then it will be possible to have very sodle/gentle always on display and a clear active screen.

3. The watch comes with a lot of watch faces (A LOT). I dislike many of them and other dislike other of them. I would like the opportunity to remove or hide the watch faces I never will use. 

Watch faces are terrible and there isn't enough compared to Tizen and past Samsung watches.

Battery life needs looking at

Lift to wake is far too sensative and wakes with the slightest movement

Google Assistant needs to arrive as promised

The software needs a general tidy up and Samsung has to commit to releasing regular Security updates.

"Battery life needs looking at"
Sorry to tell you this, but Wear OS is notorious for their horrible battery runtime. With the two days with AoD I'm getting with mine, it's rather phenomenal for a Wear OS device. I don't understand why they even went away from their own Tizen OS because that had a proper runtime, and these "many apps" that Wear OS offers are the same deal as Android: Hundreds, if not even thousands of the same type of app, one programmed worse than the other. And all the fitness apps already existed on Tizen OS.

Most Wear OS devices have to charge daily, if they even last a full day with AoD.
As to why the Google Assistant hasn't been released yet, good question. My guess it that it's because the OS is "Wear OS powered by Samsung" or whatever they call it, and not really the standard Wear OS with the regular Wear OS look and feel. Otherwise the battery runtime would probably even worse. And if you ask me, this always on Google Assistant is one of the biggest culprits in terms of the bad battery runtime from other Wear OS devices.


Agree, especially turning off the alarm. If you don't get it precisely right first time it snoozes. Really tricky to turn it off.

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Show f#####g alarm!