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Tizen 4.0 for Gear S3 Frontier !!

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Why samsung is n't working on tizen 4.0 for gear s3 frontier ?!

We all feel the massive draining of baterry with tizen and samsung know that !!

my watch is new and only lasts for 8 hours usage on full charge with this tizen , samsung should do something about that !!

this is very strange to ignore us , watch is 300$ and now useless !!!

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How often do you reset your watch? I would recommend restarting the watch at least once a week to refresh the ram and close any lingering programs that may be running in the background. Mine lasts a day and a half...

8 hours seems very low. Mine got 2 days easylly in normal use, 3,5 days easilly taking care with radio function, more than 1 day using it with sport tracking activity including max 2h with gps ... 8 hours : you play with it or got a trouble i think

Totaly Agree, 8 hours seems totaly not normal.

Mine last :

- More than a day if use all sport functions
- 2 at 2,5 days in normal use, with HR, Sport detection, BT

- More than 3 days, near 4 days if i manage my consumption ( Bt on when needed, same for Hr etc ).
I use an home made Face that manifestly doesn't eat power a lot.

I completely agree, my watch is only a few months old and has been constantly freezing and the battery has been dying quickly. I restart my watch everyday and have tried everything but this Tizen version is a mess...

Tizen has nothing to do with your trouble. I think your watch malfunction and you should ask customer service for a repair if you don t have all functions set to on at the same time and got got only 8 hours. Freeze are not normal.



Personaly i would not not  tizen 4 on my gear s3 untill he ll be debug completly. Happy as it is for me.

I don't understand why my $500 AUD watch would malfunction especially when many others are experiencing the same problem. Even if it is a hardware issue, I would want Samsung to at least improve the battery management because it is not optimized for the watch very well.

8 hours + freeze is not normal.


M8ne never freeze and last between 2,5 and 3,5 days without a charge.


If u don t want to realise your watch may be faulty...

You paid too much. Bought mine for 239 brand new from the good guys.

Hi Samsung,


We really need the update of Tizen to 4.0.


It is not reasonable that a watch that costs the same as a smartphone has outdated software and that there are practically no applications for it. Not to mention the battery issue .... If you want to see satisfied consumers, then upgrade.


Remember what your quality policy says.

You (company) must go beyond customer expectations!!!



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