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Tizen 4.0 for Gear S3 Frontier !!

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Why samsung is n't working on tizen 4.0 for gear s3 frontier ?!

We all feel the massive draining of baterry with tizen and samsung know that !!

my watch is new and only lasts for 8 hours usage on full charge with this tizen , samsung should do something about that !!

this is very strange to ignore us , watch is 300$ and now useless !!!

I also vote for Tizen 4.x for Gear S3 as new Gear Watch are not worth yet to replace S3 if you already in possession of S3.

The problem to reboot this buggy gadget is, that you lose all settings within the exerises. After reboot all screensettings are gone and you have these boring and sensless voice assistent back. This is just an example for what all is gone. Samsung is wasting lifetime oft their customers. Yes, customer, not user. I payed for that thing.

But belive, Tizen 4 is not the solution. Go and test the new watch with T4. You will see the same bugs. The barometer is still not working. This is zhe reason why stairs counting is wrong. Using the alarm, stored alarms only remember the time. Nothing else like sound or vibrating, snooze time etc. Exercises lose settings after reboot. And many more. You can find any bug from the Gear S3 wiyh Tizen 3 on the new S Watch with Tizen 4. On the new thing they are just a bit brighter and faster. Its Samsung, they will never ever bring a gadget into a stable status.

Sorry for destroying any hope.


The reason is, that you should buy the new gadget. The Samsung watch. Then you get Tizen 4. But with that you get the same bugs as before. Just brighter and faster. Try some functions on ghe new one, if you see it in a shop. Try the barometer. Try alarm. Try a reboot and see what hppen to exercise settings. All the same.

Samsung is promising some new experience. Ment is the experience to be fooled  again. Because Samsung doesn't get a gadget into a stable fjnal status. Before that they press the successor into the market an stop all support for the last one.

And Samsung will not support longer than 2 years. And if these 2 years wouldn't be the warranty time bylawin many countries they wouldn't support in any way.


Totaly agree.

Pressure sensor with altimeter and barometer works cheap, I got 2 smartphone a'd synch with 2, need to pair again and again and reboot each time when a cheap lenovo x plus at 50 euro do the job. Data are not as precise as mentioned ... 


I got s3 frontier. I like it with it s look a'd feel, black colour, the fact I can do myself some dials...


By chance mine stand energy like a charm. Not what everybody says. 


I will keep this one and won t upgrade, as I don t want tizen 4 with it s bugs... 


It'snot the sensor. This works fine. It's all about the programmers. Install another barometer app from someone who knows what he's doing, i.e. "Barometer", and you will have a correkt barometer and altimeter. But this is just for fun. Because Samsung Health will not read data from other apps as from Samsung. And these apps all are buggy. They look a kind of fancy but they are just bugs itself. Samsung should ask programmers which know what they do. Before that nothing will change.


I don't want Tizen 4. I want Samsung to fix all the bugs in this expensive gadget. If Tizen 4 is a way to that stuts, fine. But I see the same bugs from the S3 on the new watch with Tizen 4. Therefor it is not Tizen. It's  Samsung to fix their software. Samsung shouldn't waste time for anynew gadgetjntil they have at leastone in a final and bugfree stagus. But this will never ever happen.


Hwllo samsung. If you're realising just a watch in year at least you should keep it updated for 4 or 5 years .

It's a watch . Every watches batterys last at least 2 days . Give us a reason for buying your new watch and it wont be a mess anymore. So please update frontier to tizen 4 or at least do something for the battery.


Tizen for Gear S3 is out and works fine.  My S3 has never had a battery issue under V3.0 my battery last 3 days,  remove your crappy watchfaces.

Ok, so, if this made sense......... is it google translated?

You have no idea what the hell you are taking about everything you said was BS



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