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thoughts on coming to Samsung watch 4 from Fitbit Sense

(Topic created on: 29-01-2022 10:30 PM)
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a couple of days ago brought a watch 4

i had been using the Fitbit Sense in fact all of my smartwatches have been Fitbit

so id like to share the positive and negatives ive found so far

positives: Beautiful screen, syncs seamlessly with my s20 ,great health insights sturdy but not overly bulky OS is very smooth

Negatives: Another top of the range smartwatch that wont work on tattoos { when i used my sense i put a clear opoxy sticky dot over the diodes this enabled the sense to track heartbeats etc} i cannot do this with the watch 4 as the makers have not put in an option to enable notifications etc go through even when not wearing the watch sticking an epoxy sticker does not work on the watch 4 so even with sticky dot the watch thinks im not wearing it so have had to resort to wearing it on right wrist when will smartwatch makers bring out a device that will work on tattoo?!

Battery life is really bad my sense would last 5-6 days and thats was using all the functions (apart from AOD)

lack of decent clockfaces...i did once briefly own the Active 2 and was really disappointed that my past clockface purchases cannot be used on the watch 4 i understand its a different OS but still

No fast charging which i find very surprising for a top of the range Samsung watch seeing as their phones all have fast charging as standard 

Saying all that it has been only 2 days since i brought the watch 4 and im getting to like it more and more

So please Samsung bring back the option to allow notifications to come through even when not wearing watch ( i belive this option was available on all the watch 4 predecessors so why drop it)

Also find a way to make battery last longer if Fitbit can do it (5-6 days) and Garmin (anything between 9 days and 2 weeks) why cant Samsung

And please please someone invent a smartwatch that works on tattoos



I think most/all watches will/have problems with tattoos as the ink blocks the sensor under the watch l have a watch that works much the same and the sensor has problems with tattoos
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yes im unfortunately aware of the tattoo issue...since i brought my first smartwatch which was the fitbit blaze it took me ages to work out why it wouldnt track heartrate etc

luckily i found a work around i put a clear epoxy sticker over the diodes and it works...and since then ive always used that 

ive always had fitbit devices but when the active 2 cane out i brought that and again stuck an epoxy sticker on and it tracked HR and sleep.....however i went back to fitbit when the fitbit sense came out as the battery life was so much better

when Samsung announced the watch 4 with the new OS i was really expecting great things  and it is a beautiful looking watch the display is gorgeous .....but again wont work on tattoos but i was expecting that so out came the joy i tried every size but no it wasnt having it what made it worse was Samsung has removed the option of notifications alert when not if i wore it on my left wrist no HR no sleep tracking and no audio notifications as it thinks im not wearing it.yes it worked fine on my right wrist but ive just paid £250 for a device that doesnt  work for me  i decided that i still want a Samsung wearable and discovered the active 2 44m was the same price so went back to the store and replaced watch 4 for the active so glad i did! epoxy sticker on HR and sleep tracked battery is great (not as long as fitbit but decent) on the watch 4 i had to charge it nearly every morning

Another thing that annoyed me was the watch faces id brought in the past i couldnt use...but when i connected my active 2 there they were

so for now im sticking with the active 2 

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I don't have the watch, but doing my research before buying (I've had Fitbit since the pebble watches, but looking at the watch4)

If you enable developer mode there is an option about having the screen always on even when not on a wrist, there might be an option to enable notifications when "not on a wrist" as well.