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Tattoos, notifications, and email issues....

(Topic created on: 18-09-2021 05:02 AM)

I'll start by apologizing for the long rant 😕

I've had almost every model of the galaxy watches since 2013 (the OG Samsung gear, Samsung gear s2, Samsung gear s3 frontier, Samsung Galaxy watch, Samsung Galaxy watch 3 [including the horrible 2 year wait for that release] and now I have both the Samsung Galaxy watch 4 classic and Galaxy watch 4 original.

I say that to say I've had issues with the always on display since that "feature" first originated (possibly in part due to both arms being sleeved). The acceptable work around has always been the feature in the app that allows your watch to receive notifications regardless of whether the watch is being worn (or rather if it thinks it's being worn) or not. Why on earth this newest off-spring between Samsung and Google would choose to do away with the only feature that actually allows me to receive notifications (you know like the entire basis of having a smart watch) is absolutely beyond my realm of anything resembling a thought process. I now cannot receive ANY notifications because my watch doesn't think I'm wearing it. All of the notifications are there when I swipe to the left, they just won't trigger the vibration/ sound on the watch. I spent 2 hours on the phone with customer service, who assured me it would be fixed in an update. Who knows whether that update is next week or next year. The capability is there because the watch tells you alarms and reminders will be sent whether or not the watch is actively being worn on your wrist. Make that option available for all notifications like every other model I've ever owned. 

My other complaint is the lack of Samsung or Gmail app support. Really?! It's a Samsung and Google powered watch and you're not going to offer either as an option?!! I know it has outlook capability, but sometimes I need to scroll through opened/read emails and that function isn't there in outlook on the watch. Plus my work and there silly azz "protection" limits me on what email carriers they'll allow access to. Again, it's a Samsung watch who possibly could've made the final decision to do away with Samsung email as an option.....

Rant over (for now... haha) thanks for reading. Oh, and if you have any solutions I'm always willing to try....


The fragmentation of the Samsung app experience is frustrating and puzzling, especially their "partnership" with Microsoft. Microsoft failed horribly in the mobile space and Samsung seems intent on trying to save them. It's a big fail for both companies and it needs to end.