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Samsung gear active notification preview

(Topic created on: 11-10-2019 06:29 PM)
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So I'm totally new to this entire wearables thing and I am having a slight issue with notifications on my gear active.


This is what I am trying to do...


When I recieve a snapchat or whatsapp it flashes up on the screen with a picture of the sender on whatsapp or a massive snapchat logo, I just want my watch to vibrate and show the orange notification dot to let me know to check them later. I don't want all my clients knowing I've just received a snapchat. 


I've got the screen to not illuminate on notification,  auto show details is also off but if I turn the notification indicator off it stops the whatsapp and snapchat logos popping up but also doesn't leave the orange dot on the watch face.. this is most annoying.


Has anyone found a work around for this ?