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samsung galaxy s8 blue moving box on lock screen

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my samsung galaxy s8 has a blue moving box on the lock screen and does not let me use my phone at all i cannot use the touch screen at all please help how to i get rid of this 


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Hey Guys, 


Good News, I am able to get rid of this moving blue box on lock screen by enabling the Emergency mode and disabling it.


Here are the step to follow.

1. Wake up the screen by pressing the power button

2. Press and hold the Power button so that it shows the 3 options 

     a. Power off

     b. Restart

     c. Emergency Mode

3. When the moving blue box comes on the Emergency Mode tap on that blue box

4. It asks to enable the emergency mode. To enable you will have to press power button and volume up key both simultaneously.

5. You will see the Emergency Mode enalbing screen. Once it completes 100%, you will be able to operate it normally and you disable the embergency mode now by selecting the 3 dots on the right corner.

6. By doing this your phone will recover to the original state as it was earlier and you can use it. 

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Please change the solution to a real solution, not just a, "let's forget it ever happened and with everything you ever put on the phone" solution.


Tripple click the home button. If this does not fix it, go into setting by swiping from the top of the screen down, tap on the gear icon, scroll down to "Accessibility" then look for "Direct access" in this menu it should say how you can enable these assistant features. My particular setting was toggled on, with "Universal switch" as the enabbler/disabler.

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Hey @lailab!


Can you send me a screenshot of the blue box you're referring too?



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hey, i am getting the same thing too. it does not allow any function. i cant factory reset the phone either, since that blue box wont let me draw my pattern. 

Universal switch is enabled that is the cause of the blue box. Press the power button and volume up button together to disable.

the same thing happens to me. i tried doing what you said and so many other things. I don't know what else to do . please help!!!!

I turned it off as usual, I left it charging all night. I woke up, turned it back on and these BLUE BOXES keep on appearing on the lock screen, and the screen DOESN'T WORK at all, so I can't go to settings. Only the home and volume buttons work.

Please help!!

I also tried pressing the volume and home button, the  volume and lock button,  both volume and home button, all the 4 buttons, I removed my sim card as well and rebooted it. Nothing.

Please I need your help

exact same problem i hope someone answers this
Guys go to your settings menu, search for universal switch, disable that ***** and it should work fine.
Disable the universal switch in the settings menu.
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I am encounter this too, I can't believe it is a 2week old phone I can't do anything to it although I restart over 20times

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