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samsung galaxy s8 blue moving box on lock screen

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my samsung galaxy s8 has a blue moving box on the lock screen and does not let me use my phone at all i cannot use the touch screen at all please help how to i get rid of this 

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Can't even go to setting. I just ***** off with this happen. 

I had the same problem - it's an accessibility setting that's been accidentally triggered. 


I couldn't remove it or access my phone because i turned it off and it wouldn't recognise the pattern (again due to the accessibility setting).  I took it into a samsung shop and an engineer sorted it and turned off the setting so i wouldn't trigger it by mistake again



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Hey Guys, 


Good News, I am able to get rid of this moving blue box on lock screen by enabling the Emergency mode and disabling it.


Here are the step to follow.

1. Wake up the screen by pressing the power button

2. Press and hold the Power button so that it shows the 3 options 

     a. Power off

     b. Restart

     c. Emergency Mode

3. When the moving blue box comes on the Emergency Mode tap on that blue box

4. It asks to enable the emergency mode. To enable you will have to press power button and volume up key both simultaneously.

5. You will see the Emergency Mode enalbing screen. Once it completes 100%, you will be able to operate it normally and you disable the embergency mode now by selecting the 3 dots on the right corner.

6. By doing this your phone will recover to the original state as it was earlier and you can use it. 

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Thank you so much! though I will get an Iphone anyways... I'm tired of getting this blue box once in a while...

Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!
I have the new NOTE 8 and this started happening. I was almost certain I would not find a solution so early in its' existence, but your post corrected my problem!!!

THANK YOU again!!

Hi @littlenatu14 I've never had an iPhone but I have come across many people with different devices and they have activated some or one of the accessibility settings and end up in all sorts of trouble 

When I got my first  device (kit Kat) I was messing with the settings to familiarise my self and curiosity got the better of me and ended up having to factory reset


Just Press "Powerbutton and Volume up button at a time for few seconds", then your screen will turnoff automatically. Just press power button this issue will be resolved. Please turn off talkback in accessibility in your mobile.

Thank you for this.  Fixed my problem.  I had to agree to terms when the blue box was on the option.  Then I was able to enter my pin to unlock my phone.  Again, Thank you.

That fix worked the first time.  Now I'm heading to the shop to get someone to fix my phone.   This stinks.  I will post what happens when I go in.  


My phone is samsung s7 edge and there is also blue box that keep on moving on my lock screen and i cant use my fone..i try your instruction but in the process of pressing power button and volume up simultaneously it doest there any other option

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