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Samsung Galaxy Buds. Bluetooth Connection/Pairing Issues. When dual Pair to Gear3 & Note 9.

(Topic created on: 17-04-2020 12:25 AM)
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I find it to be crazy having paid hundreds of pounds for 3 Samsung devices that they dont connect together and keep full functionality. I truly hope Samsung sort this issue out in an update very soon. 


Background my Samsung Buds, Samsung Gear 3 and my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are connected by bluetooth (Connection order is Buds to Watch and watch to phone). It is not possible to listen to music i have saved on my watch and also have my note 9 make or take a call and it activate my Buds. In other words I cant find a way to have the Audio and Call option to be switched on within my Samsung Gear 3. It is also not possible to have my phone and watch connected to both my phone and my watch at the same time which means there is no way to use my watch memory for music and use the full functionality of the watch with regards to making and receiving calls. Yes I know why not just connect the buds to the phone and listen to music from there. I am doing that but I wanted to use the music capability on my watch. If anyone knows what this is not possible I would be interested to know why. 


Again I know I can mannage to listen to music and take calls etc just by connecting my Buds to my note 9 and still change tracks with my watch without any problems it's just a bug bare that in this day and age with the prices of technology that I loose functionality just like how it is not possible to create playlists on the Gear 3.


Sorry if you read this and feel I wasted 10 mins of your life lol I just wanted to put it out there and see if anyone else also had issue with this problem.