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S8 smart view not working

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Smart view won't connect properly between my s8 and Samsung tv. It immediately disconnects.

I can screen mirror my old s6 no problem so assume something wrong with my s8 software and not the tv. 

Any advice to fix please?




Worked for me too, thanks!

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I was having the same issue with my s8 but all I did was go into the device list on my TV, deleted my phone then connected again and it worked right away.


Thank you very much for your Tip. After last update I dindo used smart view. Today just stardet it in battery save mode, smart view asked to switch it off (before last update it was possible to do directly in opened form now you have to to do it yourself). I have switched and the screen has been set to WQHD...

No chance to start mirroring.

It was the last idei to open screed resolution settings :(. But the problem was there...


Hi please the smart view not working on my galaxy A70 , TV is detected but no message showed on the TV

Uninstalled smart view app and reinstalled it.

Works fine now


Greeting, Thanks for the info. I know it's been a few years. I have the same issue on a note 8 running Android 9.

We can mirror a S8 on the same Samsung TV, but when I try with the note it says "connected" and right away says "screen mirroring ended". I've tried defaulting all settings and going into Developer Options  but when I scroll down to look for 'Networking and toggle Authorize Wireless Display Devices on', there is no selection available for Networking. Can you please assist?



Hi there I have came across these thing with my phone first of all you need to allow your phone device visible and after that check on on your phone when you open YouTube it is connected to your tv try to check its playing any thing from your phon to tv if doesn't then go to your tv delete all devices whatever you added earlier and I think it will give you connections code put in to your device while connecting to your new device to tv disconnect other device first I hope it will work


i dont see any other devices still in memory. Where can i delete them on the tv?

Thank You, 2 years after you left this info and it still works. Only change was that on a Galaxy S10e I had to turn on Wireless Display Certification as there's no Authorize Wireless Display Devices. Worked flawlessly. Now off to fix a Samsung tablet that won't connect.

That may work if your phone is the problem, but it is my 'smart TV'.

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