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Galaxy watch sync strava?

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Does anyone know how to sync your activity from Galaxy watch to Strava app in S9 phone? 

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I have just had a new Galaxy watch and synced strava my account on the watch using the four digit code etc.  Have been for my first run today. The strava app appears to have tracked me accurately but is not syncing to my strava profile.


Having looked at a few message boards this seems to be a common problem grrrrrr with no obvious solution.


Have emailed strava support and will see what they say.


If it's not sorted the watch is going back.


Hi Simondo,

The same trouble for me, strava is sync with Samsung health app but not with Strava...

Ive paid strava for annual so Im stuck with it...


I have the same Problem. What did they say?

Had a reply from 'Jess' at Strava support. Apparently it's not a strava problem, but a problem with the app. Strava have contacted the app developer (Samsung!!) and they are working on a patch. For obvious reasons, Strava can't give me a timescale on how long it will take Samsung to release the patch. I can't believe a huge company like Samsung would advertise Strava on their watch when there's such a huge fundamental flaw in it like this one.  


Ive tried to paste the link to the chat within the Strava support forum but for some reason I can't. Go to the Strav a support forum and search 'Galaxy Watch app synchronisation' for the full thread and reply.


Weirdly my watch stopped receiving my texts, messages and emails yesterday even though it was bluetoothed to my phone which was in my pocket. I've taken it back today and had a refund - the two main things i bought the watch for don't work.


I've never been more disappointed in a product in my life.


Thank you. I am quite happy with my galaxy watch but this is pretty annoying. I hope they will fix the app very soon, I just paid a membership with strava. I'd be happy if youbshare any news if you habe some. Happy New year!


I have asked Samsung about this problem via the Samsung members app, but still no answer. I bought the GW cause I been a Strava member since 2013 and the possibilty to listen to Spotify without bringing my phone with me.

I used to be a iPhone user and had a Apple watch 3, no problems with sync to Strava with iOS but I must say I like GW better.

I already used the GW so I dont think returing it is possible...

Just to sit back and hope for a solution, have a happy new year! 


thanks for your effort. yeah, lets wait and see - since there is no other way :winking-face: 


keep us updated :smiling-face:


happy New year. 



Strava has updated the app for GW so now its possible to sync your activities. You need to update the app in GW and authorize (4 digit code) again.

Good luck and thanks Strava!




Im still having problems with sync from Strava app in GW to Strava in phone...likewise having problems with the Spotify app in GW. (started using Samsung Health instead, but sync from SH to Strava is working bad as well)

Its been almost 6 months since I bought my GW and Im sorry to say that Strava and Spotify apps are working really bad and by the time now Im really pissed off.

The reason why I bought the GW was just Strava and Spotify!!

I have submitted a complaint to Samsung and I want to cancel the purchase, will see how it goes...

Its not ok to make advertingsing with apps logos and all that when the functions do not work 😞

This was not what I expected when I bought a GW for 400$...

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