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Galaxy Watch Stops Recording work out part way through


So this is really annoying now.  For months the watch has been fine but a couple of weeks ago now I got half way through a run and the watch stopped recording.  I use the watches work out app, select running (basic work out) and press start.  It records for about 10 minutes and then stops.   So a couple of days ago I set the screen to stary on during the run and it was fine for one run.  I ran again today and again it stoped after about 2km; no record of the run at all.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It happens when i recive text messages and phone calls

And sometimes randomly...

Yup it is very frustrating


Same problem here. This drives me really mad. Once I started the workout, past a few minutes when i look at the watch again to see some stats y realize that it is no longer recording. I want a solution ASAP. After using wear os for a long time I was really concerned about moving to galaxy watches and tizen OS... Here is the proof I was right.

It is so highly probable that in few weeks you'll have the problem again. I did this fix 3 times already, and the problem comes once and again

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I too am having this same issue of the watch stopping the activity tracking after the initial start. It is very frustrating as this was the main reason I purchased the watch.


Thanks, I will give this a try before I do the hard reset.

The best thing to do is to report it to Samsung as I don't think they monitor these forums. If lots of people report it in their more likely to do something about it. A hard reset isn't the solution.


I too am having the same problem walking. 


So are there any responses on how to fix this?

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This is not good enough. My watch is doing this. Can't keep resetting it.

I also discovered that it has to sense a heart beat during that 20 minutes, if you decide to leave airplane mode off.  I wear it on my left wrist which has a tattoo covering wear the sensor is, so it doesnt pick up my heartrate.  if I swap wrists, and it senses at least something once every 15 minutes or so it also sems to work, :smiling-face:

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