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Galaxy watch not counting all steps and floor count not working


I cannot believe Samsung still havent sorted the inaccurate step count and floor count!  I messaged them and they said no new update was due! They acted like i was the only one who had this problem. Love the watch but just not fit for purpose when they are quite blatantly ignoring this issue. Come on Samsung sort this out!


Gear S3 Frontier owner here........have been suffering a nil registering floor count for sometime now. Samsung support treat it like I am their only case, so infuriatingly annoyed that no update has been shared 

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Dear Galaxy Watch owners


I have solved this riddle, and it is so simple its laugheable, but it works, and I can confirm it keeps working.


Coming From an Apple4 watch, Fitbit Ionic, Garmin Venu, Hauwei GT2, and eventually Samsung Galaxy, I was frustrated and perplexed, as I have the added hurdle of navigating through iOs on my Apple 11 Pro Max, but since the watch itself captures the data, I knws I had to focus there.


Here is the tech bit:

Previous gen Barometric sensors counted 9 feet as a flight of stairs, and newer ones 10 feet of continiuous, normal side swining arms moving upwards through 10 feet.

This is weid I know, but because you only do 8 to 9 feet in the US per flight of stairs, the next flat step canceles the flight, and you dont get a count.  


So the solution is walk(run)whatever, up the flight of stairs, swing arms nomally, dont look at your watch, as you reach the top of the flight, do a "hurrah" lift of your arms, et voila, a few seconds later the flight appear as a "count" on your watch.


Insane, I know, but it works, because by liftin your arms above your head, you add the extra foot or two it needs to count the flight


Have fun out there


PS, Garmin Venu owners, te same solution applies, tried it and it works..


@Muscadel wrote:

Dear Galaxy Watch owners


I have solved this riddle, and it is so simple its laugheable.

You could have saved yourself some time my friend by going back one page of this post. Its answered there already and on many other posts .

The problem has been going on and on for years and on earlier versions.

Samsung aren't in the slightest bit interested in fixing it. Daft thing is they are working on blood pressure and oxygen levels. If they are as accurate as their health counters, we could all end up dead.

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