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Galaxy Watch Active on iPhone 8




My wife is using a Galaxy Watch Active on an iPhone 8 and I found that if the app Samsung Gear (Wearable for iOS) is closed (or ended manually) the watch disconnects. If I reopen the app, the watch connect back, that's acceptable


But the biggest problem is Samsung Health app as it doesn't find the watch back after it has been closed (no matter manually or automatically closed). Simply show an error with : no wearable devices found.


Does anyone have any idea? A temporary solution is to stop Bluetooth and start it back after 5 seconds but it's annoying as you have to do this several times daily.

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Superuser I
Good point @AndreiV, I think that Samsung could improve at this. Perhaps also an automatic reconnect when the Samsung Health app opens.

The disconnect thing is probably related to apple restrictions, but I have no idea why its not possible when Samsung Health is open.
I've performed a network reset on the iPhone (pay attention that doing this you will loose saved WiFi passwords) which apparently reset the Bluetooth settings as well and now every time I open the Galaxy Gear app, the phone get connected back and after that I open Samsung Health which connects too. If I open only Samsung Health, still receiving error with no wearable connected.
Frustrating but works...

Really sounds like a bug to me. The advice I usually give is a factory reset but that might be a bit too extreme. Regardless, I wish to wait for an official Samsung Response considering this might also be a bug :winking-face: It at least smells like one. (Either on the end of Apple or Samsung, might be a combination). 

Still fail to remain connected and also fails to reconnect back. Samsung health not working at all, says that no wearable devices found.

Maybe a faulty device or this is how it is working with iPhones?
Paired the watch with a Samsung and works smooth so this is how is working with iPhone.

I'm wondering why nobody else report this
Probably iPhone related, it is quite a closed off platform with tons of restrictions for third party developers. It works better with pretty much every other vendor.

Pairing should work when you open the wearable app. After that you can open Samsung Health.
It is pairing on wearable app but on Samsung health fails to pair. I believe it's pairing with Samsung health like 5% (from 100 openings, it will barely pair for several times). Haven't found a solution to pair eveyr time
Same here. S Health is awful on IOS. It seems to have grown worse with tizen, even though i performed a full reset after the update. Connection is either unstable or does not show up at all. Right now i have been without s health for two days because it just won't detect the device.

I have the same issue. i have to toggle bluetooth on iphone 8 and then shmsung heals reconnects. if i close samsung health after that it won't reconnect.

this issue started after ios 12.3.1 update.

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