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galaxy watch calendar and deep sleep

(Topic created on: 24-04-2019 09:14 AM)

I'm on my second galaxy watch. (The first one had really bad hr monitoring and raise to wake was way off) I really want it to work 'ok' since i love it so much for the most part, even though i use an iphone. I can live with the lack of messaging, paid apps, remote camera etc. But this week it suddenly fell short. It no longer tracks deep sleep. It used to track fine, about 45 minutes, that actually corresponds with a medical measuring i had done, so that was impressive. But no longer. And now my calendar no longer syncs, while it seemed to sync fine in the beginning. It's such a shame. I thought i was amongts the few lucky ones where most things worked 'ok'. Stairs counting and step counting pretty good (make sure to raise your arm a little when you climb small steps (2,7 meter)). Also even the heartrate monitor works kind of ok. The occasional drop out or flatline during running but overall, not as bad as other users reported. Although i must say heartrate is not that important to me. But this calendar sync issue is a basic fuction that i need. Anyone any tips? I would rather not reset the watch (again!) and lose all my data. I tried to leave it on for a long time, restart the watch, clean cache. I shows my events but just does not add the new ones (or removes the ones i do). It's been like this for a week now.