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Galaxy Watch Active 2: Strava needs a longer activity to upload

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, with all apps and the watch itself with the latest updates.


Yesterday I did a bike ride of approx. 14km, with a short hike afterwards (Approx. 1,8km). When I tried to save the hike the app said "Strava needs a longer activity to upload". I discarded the activity, and started a new bike ride. This bike ride was approx. 15km. When finishing this, the app gave me the same message. Today I did a new bike ride (Approx. 5,5km). This time I used both my phone and the watch. The watch gave me the same message, needs a longer activity to upload.


@Mads-Andre: I have had a look into this, and can see that Strava have issued the following statement on their support site regarding the above error, which was updated on 24/06/20: "We are preparing an update to resolve the issues and will be releasing it as soon as possible." With this in mind, this should hopefully be resolved with an app update in the coming days. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Hi! Just to say that I had the same message on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier. After that I didn't receive that message any more but last two days no Activity hasn't been uploaded from my watch to my Strava account although Strava on my watch says 'Sync completed'!

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I have the same problem
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The same thing happened to I take a pic of my activity on watch as soon as I'm done just in case it happens again.....thwn if I can post from my watch I manually put in Strava along with photo of activity on the watch.....which sucks tbh. I hope this gets fixed

At Strava they are aware of this issue. This will be fixed in a future update. Read this thread 

The last Strata watch update cures this problem

Hi, what number does that update have? I still have problems with this on update 1.5.17

I have 1.5.17 on a clean install and it is ok, but as the starvation app is going to be replaced I have connected Samsung health which is working well

How did you connected Samsung health to strava? thanks!

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