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Galaxy watch 4 bugs and requests after 2 months use

(Topic created on: 31-10-2021 01:35 PM)

**Update as of 26/11/21 after 2 months usage**

Updates to given below problems: 

*After a couple days usage battery improves a bit last about 2-2.5 days in moderate usage without aod and wifi. Bluetooth enabled about 1/2-1/3 of day, 10 mins indoor running or outside walking, sleep tracking with oxygen, a couple notifications per day. No aod, hr monitoring auto enabled only during exercises, no wifi. Power saving enabled most of time. Little improvement on battery is ok but still far from good. In light usage like my case, it should last at least 5 days as cheaper competitors do. For sure wearos needs some serious improvement for battery usage. Meanwhile, samsung devs can come up with a lite mode option instead of watch only mode, where users can extend battery life while using basic functions like step counting, notifications, sleep tracking etc. 

*Sleep tracking is accurate and working good most of the time. But 3 times failed to record sleep. It might ve been because i navigated to sleep tile or opened it shortly after waking up during sleep analysing ongoing. If thats the case, its a bug samsung devs can probably solve.

Rest of given below bugs/requests still valid and waiting for updates. 

Note: 44mm and 46mm classic bt model being used, watch is up to date. Samsung/Google devs can solve the most problems with software updates. 


- CRITICAL ISSUE: Battery drain about 1.3-1.8% per hour when watch is idle/inactive with most features/sensors off (no AOD, no screen activity etc., airplane and power saving on) which suggests WearOS and/or Samsung's software are not battery optimised. Currently the most critical problem with this watch is battery performance; 40 hours advertised battery life is not acceptable for a smart watch with 361mah battery anyway. Even worse, many users have reported watch cant last even a day. Google and Samsung devs must solve the bugs and optimize OS for longer battery life. Much cheaper watches or bands last couple weeks even a month with similar battery capacity of GW4. They provide similar workout and health stuff, basic notifications, remote media control etc. With all features on they give much better battery life than GW4 with all smart features off (no notifications, no wifi, no BT, power saving on etc.) even much better than when Galaxy watch 4 is waiting idle doing nothing. Definitely WearOS is not battery optimised and buggy. Samsung apps might be making it worse as well. Please optimise software and/or even better provide a lite/essential mode which only runs step counting, workouts, notification etc which should give 7 days battery life. Watch only mode is useless only shows time.


- Watch had sleep tracking issues on 2 days out of 20 days. Once, I slept around 3am, got up around 7am, was active for a while then went back to sleep around 8:30am then i woke up again after a few hours. Watch only saved sleep time from my first sleep between 3-7am. Another day, the watch didnt save any sleep data at all while power saving and airplane mode was on over night. Other days (18 days) it performed well including naps.


- Watch doesnt record gps route when walking workout started automatically.


- Battery usage time since full charge is reset to 0 mins after watch turning back from watch only mode.




* CRITICAL: Watch only mode is very useless, not showing basic data like steps, weather, workout, basic notifications etc. Lite/Esential mode is needed for lite users where watch shows basic data like time/date, steps/distance, maybe basic notifications if BT on etc just like fitness bands. Those simple cheap bands and watches last few weeks with such basic features enabled with a 200-300mah battery.

* Auto workout detection time interval should be shorter or users should be able to change time intervals for auto workout detection like 1mins, 5mins 10mins, so not only 10mins. Some people do a specific workout for 4-7 mins and take some rest then start again for another 4-7mins or so.

* Google voice assistant

* Double tap option instead of single tap for  screen wake feature. When watch screen touch legs/arms etc. by accident especially during sleep, screen keep turning on. Double tap is better than single tap for screen wake.

* Users should be able to change time intervals for heart rate monitoring like every 10mins, 30mins, 60mins etc. 

* Automatically turn on bed time mode couple minutes after falling sleep.

* For power saving purpose there must be customization settings for time intervals of auto syncing of various applications/services which cause fast battery drain like Samsung health service, BT connections, auto updates and some WearOS specific services, so users can choose longer time intervals to save battery.