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GALAXY Watch Active 2: New firmware has ruined Heart Rate Monitor function?

(Topic created on: 15-06-2021 02:13 PM)
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Hi Community. I wonder is there ending to this? Every firmware upgrading is a black box!

I am a user of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for 1.5 years already. I have bought the most expensive one, with all the features advertised and the SS case. I would expect some reliability for a top product worth (at that moment over 5 hundreds bucks.

Each firmware upgrade is said to fix “something not important” but will introduce “something really severe”, they will fix next time. This leaves the watch on average not really useful.

This time, after upgrading my SM-R825U (model for the USA) to R825USQU1CUD1 firmware and again it fixed some minor bugs and added support for a couple of countries for EGG. 

But it also has ruined HEART RATE MONITOR! I mean it. I swear by my mom it was working reasonably well on the previous firmware. Now, it starts to fail me every time. I did not change any wearing wrist or habits. In fact I am only using it for walking now. So,

How it changed the HRM? It starts to steadily increasing the measured HRM starting with realistic numbers in the start of a session and then climb up to unrealistic numbers like 88 in the beginning and 124 in the ending of walking session.

Hey you say this might be normal? No way: I have sinned, I have the A. watch on my other hand and I borrowed Polar H10 heart rate breast strip sensor, and these two are showing slight increase to maybe 95 HRM at the end of the 1 hour walking session and not above. While the S. watch keeps on climbing up and up and once it reached to 134!

If I stop, it will return to normal values. Once I resume walking, it will for a couple of minutes show realistic numbers and then jump high again. I tried all the tricks recommended elsewhere, including watch resetting to fix this, and also changed my wearing wrist but nothing changed.

Look, while this is obviously a bug to be fixed here is something more important I cannot get. You are a company worth hundreds and hundreds of billions still you are not capable to deliver it, why?

In the same time I have had 0 (zero) issues with the A. watch.