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Can't use Google assistant on my Galaxy buds?


I've tried everything it feels. Whenever I go to the Galaxy wearables app and choose what to have on my long press only bixby shows up? I didn't get the option to chose a voice assistant when I installed the buds (also reset them) like others have when I Google searched it.

I have a Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy buds +. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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Chatted to Samsung support @ their site and they helped me via smart tutor. Took the guy a while but finally together we figured it out. (Shout-out to Thomas @ Samsung's swedish live chat support)! I needed to turn off bixby as a default application and revoke it's access to system configurations.

Step by step if anyone gets this problem and find this thread:
Go to settings > apps > bixby voice > 1.remove it as a standard app and 2.don't allow it to change system configurations
Now longpress your galaxy buds and a option should appear on your phone to use bixby or google, choose google.

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Hi @Samswe ,


you should be able to use this with your Buds. Could you confirm that you placed your finger on one of the Galaxy Buds for a couple seconds to activate Google Assistant?

Yes, and when I go to the options on the wearable app for long press only bixby, Spotify, ambient sound and volume comes up.

The Galaxy Buds connect to the voice assistant on your phone, whether it be Google Assistant or Samsung's Bixby. All you have to do is place your finger on an earbud for a couple seconds, and the voice assistant will activate.


Are you able to tell me which phone do you have these connected to and if you have Google Assistant set there? 


Thanks a lot for looking into this and helping.
Yes, I have a Galaxy S20+, and yes I have google assistant on it which I use daily.
The strange thing is as I've wrote above when I go to the options on the wearable app for long press the only options are bixby, Spotify, ambient sound and volume that I can choose on long press. No google assistant option


My pleasure @Samswe , can you confirm if Google Assistant is open on your phone when you try to check this on the Wearable app? Is the phone and Buds+ software and the Samsung Wearable up to date? 

Check on all that. I closed all my apps, opened google assistant and opened wearable app still doesn't show.
Everything already updated to the latest, just checked.

When and where did you purchase the Buds @Samswe ? Have you contacted Google to see if this is compatible in your region? 

I bought them today, from Elgiganten in Helsingborg, Sweden (for 1790 SEK).
Isn't it compatible in all regions? Should be in Sweden thought, no? Huge let down if it isn't 😞
To who do I reach out, Samsung or google?
Really appreciate your help!

Products functionalities may vary depending on the region so I woul suggest reaching our colleagues in your area from here: and/or Google to see if this is available in your area.


Have a lovely weekend now.

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