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Adding Martial Arts


I have noticed that although martial arts is a feature on the samsung health app you cannot add it as one of your activities on your watch.

Is rhis correct or can you add it and I'm doing something wrong?


@DMouse: Sadly it isn't possible to add any martial arts to S Health on our wearables range right now. What I'd suggest is going to S Health > Exercise > Workout > Other Workout > Tap the cog to the right > Create a profile via the on screen prompts > Set a target > Set the intensity of the workout, then go back and tap on Other Workout. A countdown will appear on screen, and the session will commence. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the work around. I too do martial arts and would like to see MA workouts added to the roster. It would be good if they followed this format:

20 minutes mixed warm up with cardio, stretching, push ups, sit ups, leg raises, planks, etc.
20 minutes of basics

20 minutes of freestyle drills

I'd also like to see 90 minute workouts where each of the intervals is 30 minutes long.

Thanks in advance.

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