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I have just purchased the new Samsung Galaxy Watch and I can't seem to be able to track Golf or Kayaking through the actual watch??? Can anybody please tell me how-to be able to do it?? I mean there are loads of trackable sports but who would do Martial Arts with their phone in their pocket!!! Please can someone help!!!! Even the most basic Fitbit can track golf on the watch!!! I'm seriously starting to regret the change from Fitbit to Samsung!!! Please help!!!


It appears bespoke options for those specific activities don't exist as you said. The closest you're going to get is "Hiking" for Golf and "Rowing Machine" for Kayaking (I get that they're different but probably the closest analogues). I'm sure Samsung will take your activity suggestions on board though; golf seems like it would lend itself pretty well to it and is also quite a common activity.


Also you can track activities without your phone in your pocket - for one the bluetooth range seems really good, and I'm pretty sure the watch can track most if not all activities regardless of whether it's connected to your phone. 

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