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2.5mm Audio to Bluetooth Adapter

(Topic created on: 15-05-2023 07:04 PM)
I like a a lot of phone users like to listen to music and audio and previously when everything was connected via a 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio jack mainly 2.5mm with older phones. I bought myself a decent pair of headphones by V-Moda into which I would spend countless hours chilling to great hifi sound. I still have my old Kenwood hifi system boxed and stored in the loft along with a lot of my tapes and vinyl records etc. However back to the headphones.

My problem is I enjoy outstanding music sound and hate waste so up to now have been using a Samsung 2.5mm to USB-C converter to put my headphones back into action for listening at home when relaxing.

What concerns me is additionally connecting and disconnecting from the Phones USB port which I'm sure will add extra wear and tear to the port and the possibility of degrading the sound via the additional converter

Don't get me wrong, whilst the audio in these new phones is great, it will be quite a while before phones will be at the same level as a hifi system but they are close.

The obvious way to get the best possible sound from a phone is to get a high end headset with Bluetooth built in if you have the budget which can be considerable for the top end over ear headsets. Buds can be really good but comfort and irritation can be issues so not an option for a lot of people for long periods.

So I am currently experimenting with a 2.5mm to Bluetooth adapter which I'm currently trying out. The first model I am trying is an MPOW BH298b, which I think is primarily aimed at adding Bluetooth 5.0 to older car radios so you can connect you phone to your car via 2.5mm Aux cable but will accept a 2.5mm connector from other devices e.g headphones. It cost £15 from Amazon but I'm sure there will be different versions and many other retailers who will sell these

Early signs seem good the sound is probably too loud as the volume goes a lot higher than the phone so can start to distort at high volumes, possibly with it being aimed at use in a car. Quality wise the sound is probably not as crisp as buds or dedicated Bluetooth earphones but I havent played around with settings yet

I'm wondering if others have tried out different 2.5mm to Bluetooth converters and if Samsung do one? 

I will get myself a dedicated Bluetooth headset at some point but I think it's good if old tech can be given a new lease of life

I would be interested in others thoughts or experiences
Image of current adapter20230515_181010_1000010345_1684170728.jpg