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Wifi and Bluetooth Function not working In AUE70 Crystal 4K UHD Smart 43 inch TV

(Topic created on: 14-06-2024 08:34 AM)
First Poster

Having some major issues with  AUE70 Crystal 4K UHD Smart 43 inch TV. About 3 years old, fine for the first 2 years; last year the wifi started dropping frequently. Then suddenly all wifi dropped and the TV can no longer discover or connect to any wifi networks, it also can't find any bluetooth devices including the smart remote. I've factory reset the TV multiple times, power cycled it every which way; tried everything suggested online but this TV is not having any of it. It's now also become incompatible with the smart remote and attempting to use the remote will just result in repeated 'not available' messages and the bluetooth paring notification will appear on the TV and then fail. The smart remote will also not work in IR mode either. The only method to control the TV is with the basic AAA remote.

Does anyone have any insights on how to fix this problem? My feeling at this point is a serious hardware or software failure as I cannot fathom what else has caused this. The TV works fine with an ethernet connection.