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Voice option greyed out, cant turn on and use remote mic

(Topic created on: 27-06-2022 07:00 AM)
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I bought the latest QN95B and upon setup, i selected Google Assistance as my voice command assistant. However after setup and coming to main screen, when i press the mic button on the remote, i get an alert on screen that my mic is not turned on. i need to turn on to use  it.

when i go to settings and in general settings, the voice option is greyed out so i cant even select anything to change assistants. I have tried to reset the whole tv and still no difference.

i should point out that i am logged in with my samsung account that i have on my S21 as well. On my phone i have deselcted the option in google settings to not listen to voice commands. that should not impact this in my opinion but open to suggestions.

lastly i also have the q800 sound bar connected, should that have an impact? i got the setting for voice only through q800 but when i turn the soundbar off i get normal sound from the tv, any relation to my main problem?



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I had the same problem but now have the solution.  There is a tiny little switch on the TV that enables the microphone.

The switch is under the Samsung logo.  Look on the edge of the TV under the logo with a torch and you will see a power symbol and just next to it the switch.  It's seriously tiny.  Like half a millimeter, but it is there and will solve your problem.