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Various Issues Q700T

(Topic created on: 27-01-2021 09:46 AM)
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Almost 4 months of ownership and the TV now runs worse than when I first got it! Numerous issues, the majority I think can be put down to connectivity. Running on latest firmware (1460.9)

  1. Amazon Prime stopped working properly after a few weeks and still doesn't work. Can log in but then just crashes out entirely. Same issue now looks to have affected Disney+, while Netflix and Apple TV work fine, although I tend to have to sign in again ever 3 or 4 days.
  2. Device Care no longer works. Run it and just sticks with no way to exit, only way to get out is do a soft reset with the remote (hold down power button for 4-5 seconds)
  3. Apple AirPlay has now stopped working. TV visible by all devices but fails to connect once the 4 digit pin code has been input.
  4. Ambient mode no longer works, just crashes the entire TV and have to turn off at plug for 30 seconds to even get the TV working again.

I've  Samsung UE48JU6400 which I've never had any issues with a still works perfectly, other than a couple of "light" spots on the screen due to lamp issues I think , this being the reason I replaced it as my main TV and went with another Samsung but it seems with  the newer models no QA is done to ensure they are at least as reliable as the old ones.


UPDATE JAN 2022: So after 4 screens and two motherboards TV has finally been marked as beyond economic repair. Luckily I bought from John Lewis and so got a full refund thanks to the 5 year guarantee.

Hopefully this product still isn't being sold as clearly faulty, if you do see one for sale at any price, don't even think of buying it. For those of you still struggling with issues on this model, keep pushing to get  full refund or equivalent replacement. For the price it was being sold up you'd expect a product that last a bit longer than just over two years!

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have this reported with Samsung Support to have this fixed





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Not yet no. Done (as I have every month since I bought it in September) a factory reset which seems to have solved some of the issues, but I'm staying away from Device Care and Ambient mode at the moment so as to try and avoid having to do another.

Reason I've not raised with Samsung yet is, I've a Sky Fibre router which currently has a known DHCP issue when you have a high number of devices on the same network. I've wired the TV via ethernet and given it a fixed IP address to hopefully mitigate this, but hoping for a permanent firmware update of the router (last update sometime in Feb) to see if that irons out any of the issues before going to Samsung, who could just just say it's a know issue with my ISP provided router and to speak to Sky.

Posted on here just to see if anybody was having any similar issues and if there was a simple way of resolving.

Still stand by my point on QA though, when a five year old Samsung I've never had to factory reset is more reliable even give the router issues mentioned above) in it's features than a 2020 model, something is not quite right.