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using anynet+ and infrared for universal remote 9 series TV




Ive got a 9 series TV with universal remote.


Attached to this is a mediacentre on a raspberry pi on HDMI 1.  The option to use Anynet+ to control the media centre works well - this is driven by tv back to the raspberry Pi and I can navigate using the universal remote.


the problem is that I also have a SONOS playbar which uses IR.   When I set up the sonos playbar to work with the universal remote - it sends the correct IR commands to the playbar and I can control the volumel, but when I do this - the anynet+ commands are turned off. - meaning my media centre cant be controlled.


I ideally want the remote to send Anynet+ commands through the TV to control device on HDMI1 but for just the volume settings - use IR that the sonos playbar recognises.  I cant see to do both.


Any ideas? 


Hi there @dinkybluebug,


What's the full model code of the TV? You can find this in: Settings > Support > Contact Samsung. How is the SONOS Playbar connected?


Hi. The model number is UE55KS9000 and the sonos play bar is connected via optical lead. 


Currently the the universal remote sends anynet+ commands and it works fine but it doesn't operate volume. Can't seem to do both 


Any difference if you turn Anynet+ off and run through Universal Remote Setup with both devices instead? 


Thats the problem - the device 'is' controlled by anynet+.


the universal remote allows for device specific settings to be used in conjunction with home theatre systems - but not anynet+ and home theatre systems.  It seems one or the other.... which is annoying


I have the very same issue with my UE55MU7009 which i received on 19.Aug 2017 (today 23.Aug 2017).

And it is sort of driving me insane. Actually wrote a mail to Samsung Support today before i discovered this discussion.


So my HW is


Playstation 4

Apple TV

Sonos Playbar


If you want to use the Smart Remote to change the volume on the Soundbar, (via IR) it does not seem to send HDMI-CEC signals anymore (so i need to use the controller or remote for PS4 -e.g. for Blu.Rays).

If you use HDMI-CEC - then  the remote is not sending any IR signals anymore and i have to use the app or manual buttons for the Soundbar.


In case of the Apple TV, this comes with an IR receiver. You can learn the Smart Remote (through IR) with Apple TV. But then i have to place it again somewhere in plain view of the Smart Remote.


And why do i have to sort of hook up each external channel individually to the soundbar (tell it to use the home cinema") - I only want to be able to change the volume - on solution for all channels. Why should i want different solutions for each channel?


Sort of not so smart implementation considering with my 2010 Samsung and standard IR everything worked find.

Send the HDM-CEC signal straight to the devices - and Soundbar was able to be interpret the IR signal for volume.


I have been wrestling with this same problem on a 55Q7F + sonos soundbar. If you set the system to anynet+ so the TV's remote controls the boxes connected to the TV via HDMI then the way to get the Sonos volume controlled is to go into the Sonos Settings menu (Settings/RoomSettings/{Room name}/TV Setup and Control/Remote Control setup. It prompts you to point the TV controller at the soundbar and press the Vol+ button. Sonos then recognises the controller and configures itself to respond to the controller's volume commands. HOWEVER, this appears to work only for the 'old school' controller (I have a BN59-01268D). If you try it with the metallic smart controller, the playbar does not seem to see any IR signal when you press its volume switch and so doesn't configure itself. I tried talking to Samsung support and they appeared to confirm this behaviour but could suggest no solution....


Like @tobykir - yes, Samsung please sort the firmware so that IR volume signals can still be sent when HDMI-CEC is in use.


I've had another look at this. The metal smart controller has a little LED in the front pane that flashes whenever a command is sent. However, this is not the infra red light. If you cycle the power button on the controller you see a second (infra red) signal in the front pane displaced to one side of the led (you cannot see this with your eyes but on your phone's screen when you point the controller at your phone's camera). As far as I can see, it doesn't matter whether the TV settings have HDMI-CEC switched on or not: no other button press on the smart controller (besides power on/off) produces an infra red signal (only a bluetooth one). So the "smart" controller is NEVER going to talk to Sonos unless there is some way to update the firmware on the controller so it transmits an IR signal when the volume buttons are pressed or a patch is written for the TV to talk to Sonos via wi-fi/ethernet (in the same way the Sonos controller app on your phone does).


Hello @tobykir,


could you already fix your problem. I have the same issue with my MU7079, PS4 pro and Amazon Fire TV.


What did Samsung Support reply to you?

Are there any plans for fixing this problem in an upcoming firmware update?



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Well, there was the reply that they gonna address it to there development team as improvement request to be checked for implementation. But at least with the last firmware update it is the same situation. 


No big way to work around it.

using original controllers for ps4. And put the Apple TV behind the TV since you can train the smart remote IR on it. But HDMI-CEC still off if you use the Sonos Soundbar. 

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