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UN55MU630D reverting to link-local IP (169.254.x.x) after several hours

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This problem has only recently started happening, and as far as I can tell, nothing has changed in the environment.

The TV was configured for DHCP, and was working fine.  A week ago when I tried to watch HULU it said the internet connection wasn't working. When I checked the IP address it had reverted to APIPA link-local 169.254.x.x.  I was able to reset the TV by unplugging it (power off/on did not work) and it reconnected with its old IP address (assigned by the DHCP server) and worked OK.  Next day, same problem, same solution.


After the third time I changed the DHCP server to give it a fixed address not in the DHCP pool, and this worked for a few days.  But then it failed again, with the same problem (169.254.x.x).


I have run my own Linux firewall/router/DHCP server for years and was able to check the DHCP server logs.  When I cycle power on the TV it goes through the DHCP Discover/Offer/Request/Ack sequence and operates normally.  When the DHCP server was configured to serve a dynamic address, the lease expiration was 1 year but the TV would go back to link-local after about a day.  With the DHCP server configured for a static assignment, the same behavior is observed (Discover/Offer/Request/Ack) and again, after some time the TV reverts to link-local IP address.


I've tried updating firmware but it says I have the latest firmware.


Suggestions on how to troublshoot this further?


Hey @Metrikon ,


I can see that you've got a US model TV.  With Samsung support being localised and this being a European forum (the English language part is supported by the Samsung UK & Ireland team, for example), we're limited in what we can do for you in terms of direct support.


Have you been in touch with Samsung US about this issue, or shared it on the Samsung US Community (  to see if others in the US are reporting the same?



I posted the questio on the US community but have not received any answers yet.

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