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UE65JS9500 (2015 TV) Firmware update

(Topic created on: 05-01-2019 11:55 PM)
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Hi guys,

I bought the above mentioned TV back in December 2016. I am constantly annoyed by the glitches in the TV's OS and also by the mess in the the HDMI and USB devices identification & initialization.
I would like to know if you have any idea about the latest firmware present on USA/HK Samsung site (1540.3, posted on Aug 28, 2018). What does it contain and will it ever be offered to Eastern Europe (right now, my TV has 1530.1 - the latest available to my region)?
And now, a (rather long) description of my problems with this TV:
HDMI: My receiver (a Denon AVR-X1300W) is not started sometimes. Other times (when the power is cut  - it happened a few times in the last 2 years) the receiver - although correctly identified in the Universal Remote setup pages - does not appear in the sound menu at all. On such occasions, I had to decouple both devices from the power outlet and connect the receiver first, let it initialize and only then connect the TV. It's like 2000s!
Regarding the general operation:
 - PIP is impossible to use because you are forced to go to TV's menu to switch the sound source and/or the program you are watching in PIP;
 - Multi-link screen is unable to display subtitles in both windows; switching from multi link to normal view takes a few seconds;
 - Channel guide does not let you to PREVIEW a channel in the small "TV" window above the guide;
 - If, God forbid, you want to sort the channels you added to a Favorites list, you are doomed - it is better to know from the start which are your favorites and add them in order or else you may as well clear the list and re-create it.
 - The never used "Facebook Videos" app constantly makes its way to the "most recent" app in the Smart Hub (why????);
 - The TV announces you on the screen that a device is connected. This is OK, but imagine you are using a... Samsung Keyboard (yeah, exactly!). Each time you are using it after a few minutes of pause, a "The device is connected. (Device Name: Samsung Keyboard) <OK>" dialogue appears and... some of the commands are hijacked by that dialogue which waits a few seconds for a click on its "OK" button (or an "Enter" press);
 - The last but not least, the "Browser" application. IT IS a joke!!! Try loading site for example and you will understand - it loads it in a continuous loop.
And the list could continue on a few pages. 
Regarding the USB devices management, my HDDs are not recognized sometimes (it does not matter the USB port I'm using, the connectors are fine, the cables are fine too, a couple of them of them even are - you guessed it - Samsung HDDs). The story goes like this: once connected, after a device is identified and the handshake takes place, it will always appear in the "Sources" list with the correct name. However, sometimes, "My Content" application won't display anything more than the "Connection Guide". Also, in the most recent apps list, a "USB" app will appear sometimes (it will also invoke the "My Content" app). I wasn't able to understand what makes this "USB" app appear and what not. Long story short, one of these three methods (directly accessing "My Content", selecting a USB "Source" or accessing the "USB" app when it appears in the most recent apps list) will convince "My Content" app to correctly initialize (wake up from power saving state) and list the HDDs. 
But today I wasn't able to connect a HDD anymore.
Aaaand now it's time for a little bit of rage: I own this TV for more than 2 years now and no offense Samsung, its user interface is at least clumsy! My previous TV was a Samsung LE40M86BD - another flagship at its time. Its interface suffered from the exact same issues  - no other possibility to change channels in PIP than entering the menus, almost the same stupid channels sorting method, that "PC" renaming for HDMI which got notorious at its time and so on... Seriously, I don't want to count how many years have passed since 2007! You do it and please realize that in all this time you only added more and more features to the the TVs without being able to hire someone with a little bit of vision and knowledge about user interfaces and let that guy do its job undisturbed by your "legacy". It really is such a shame! Please tell me all the above are acceptable for a 6000£ TV (launch price) marketed as your 2015 masterpiece!!!! Oh, I almost forgot, after two years, your "Universal Remote" does not change channels anymore (unless you press the buttons up to their breaking point). The voice recognition? Muahaha! It recognizes "Channel Up / Down" but "can't apply" a command like "Channel 2"! In fact, no command accompanied by numbers, although correctly understood and displayed on the screen "can't be applied"! And I don't have the impertinence of asking you to actually send <<volume xx>> command strings via HDMI to a potential receiver - it would be too much! No, the TV alone "can't apply" a "Volume 30" command! How's that?! Ask the voice command engine to go to "Guide". Now ask for Page up / down, Channel up / down etc. NOTHING can be applied - that's the TV's feed back! What about "Help"? Well, it is context agnostic. Guys, are you nuts?! Why the effort to include such a feature then?! Oh, and the camera this TV has? Never used - the Skype service was cut somewhere in 2016 if I'm not mistaking. You were probably polluting their servers. Oh, but you have a nice "Extra" button on the smart remote which launches... some kind of unconfigurable Tweeter RSS. No further comments, I guess I have to stop myself or I'll start swearing.
After all these, you would probably ask me why didn't I returned this TV. Well, first of all I bought it in December 2016 when I realized the 3D was dead. For me, it was not and by the contrary, it was a big selling point. Having kids that can't stand up right for 2 hours, I also wanted active glasses (not passive). This limited my choices and since I also got an extraordinary deal, unbeatable at the time, I gotmyself with this jewel. Finally, of course all the above accumulated in time and I guess it shows. :face-with-tears-of-joy:
Well, thank you for reading this far. 
Conclusion: Tizen sucks big time. Nice panel, bad implementation with lots of unusable features.
And again, the main question: Will 1540 firmware version ever come to E Europe? What does it fix? (Maybe I don't even need it... :D)

Samsungs lack of support and promises are minimum. False promises for evolution upgrades and software updates.  

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@Samsingh wrote:

Samsungs lack of support and promises are minimum. False promises for evolution upgrades and software updates.  


I hate to say but the js series is well out of date and the chances of them updating is next to zero. 


i have the same problem, i bought this specific tv (it was my first, and now my last samsung tv ever) because they promise that it will be "future Proof" with constant update, now in 2020 i have a very good tv panel with a very poor software, and a simple update can resolve all of my problem on a 4500€ tv.... Mind that i have a second samsung  tv in my bedroom that cost to me 400€ and compared to the big one is a rocket, and the difference in only between the software. This is a Shame