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UE55TU7000KXXU Picture Flickering issues and connecting to Virgin V6 Box problems

(Topic created on: 05-10-2020 02:32 PM)
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I am having trouble with this TV since it was purchased month ago but Currys and Samsung Help have been very poor until now, Currys put me onto samsung who have been really unhelpful. They said they are aware of a problem with this model but wanted a video sent which of course they havent go back to me on.

Picture randomly flickers and have to switch completely off and then restart for it to go away, happens a few times per week and is unwatchable when it flares up.

The TV also seems ultra temperamental and does not like connecting to the Virgin V6 box i have for TV. When i move to Virgin box on the Samsung TV from say Netflix app, it 9/10 does not come on but has a page saying Check Device power even though the light on box is on. I then have to switch the box on and off for this start the box. This is pretty much every time and its endlessly frustrating. ive spend hours but the UX is just really really poor something i have never come across with Samsung TV and ive had many. Stopping short of taking back to Currys and dumping in the Customer Service lap,

Can anyone help as whilst this is not the main TV in the house it is getting very tiresome and bad customer service is grateing on me for what is a new TV. Thanks in advance!


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Did you resolve this, i am experiencing the same problem

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I have been going through horrible experience of dealing with Samsung customer service. One connect box to my £3k curved TV got burnt by over heating. My TV was flickering and then I smelled burning smell. I literally got my fingers burnt when I touched the one connect box. I unplugged the TV otherwise the box enclosure, wires might have melted and potentially fire hazard to due to short circuit. I called up samsung customer service and after putting me on hold for roughly one hour, they directed me to local service centre for an appointment. I had to wait 5 days for engineer to visit, whereas I came to know this was PIL and it should have been addressed within 48 hours. Engineer came, opened up one connect box and experienced the over heating issue he literally got his fingers burnt by touching the processor within 5 minutes of power on. He could even feel the hear from 15cms above the box. I was advised it's one connect box issue and there have been complaints about this. I checked Internet and there have been lots of people experiencing the issue. I believe there is a design issue as there is no ventilation holes on the box that fan can exhaust the hot air, it stays inside the box. Now I got an email from Smasung saying its age related problem, which I don't understand. How burning of one connect box is age related issue, box is in pristine condition before it blew up and TV is only 5 year old. If it is age related issue, then all 5 year boxes should burst. I believe it is design and manufacturing defect. I haven't seem TVs bursting or catching fire after 5 years and classified as age related issue. It has been painful and frustrating to deal with Samsung. I believe Samsung should take the responsibility and do the needful, rather than harrossing their customers. Has anyone experienced the same? Any advice or help would be appreciated.