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HDR & Dolby Atmos

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I got a Samung TV series 7 with HDR support, a Vizio soundar connected by HDMI with Atmos support and an apple TV 4K connected to the sound bar by HDMI.


My issue is that I can have HDR or Atmos, but no both at the same time. When I launch netflix from the apple TV and HDR is turned on, the movie starts flickering.


If I launch the built-in Netflix app I can get HDR but no Atmos.


I already talked to my set-box support and the soundbar manufacturer as well, but no one gives me a solution.


I tried with different ports, different cables, connecting directly the apple TV to my TV, resetting to factory settings, but nothing works.


TV specs:
Model UE50NU7020
Soft version: 1252


This is my last try, could be something related to the TV? Any setting?




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