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Q6F TV One Remote takes time to start working

(Topic created on: 29-05-2019 12:02 AM)
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I have an issue with my 49" Q6FN TV with One Remote. After prolonged periods of the TV being off (like 6+ hours), the first time the TV is turned on (using the remote via IR) it takes some time for the TV to start responding to commands (over bluetooth I guess), or rather the remote to send them. Like the TV (or remote?) went to some deep sleep. Pressing other buttons just shows the flickering red light on the remote. It takes about 5-10 seconds. After that it continues to work normally. After shorter periods of being off, there is no such issue. 


I've changed the batteries, switched off the TV from the grid for about 5 minutes and re-paired the remote. Didn't really do the trick.


Is this normal behavour? Is there any way to make it not disconnect? Other than that I have no issues, but this is irritating for a relatively expensive TV, to just sit and wait for it to connect.