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UE46D7000 Web browser HTTPS issues

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OK read all about this subject "No server Found" and tracked this down to HTTPS not supported by the Samsung browser! Use HTTP and it works... Poor show Samsung! You should do better 1/10.


In all the exchanges with Samsung there is no fix offered  that I can find to allow HTTPS - if one enters an HTTP URL in the browser, it automatically places a "S" so limiting the browsing function.


OK Samsung once AGAIN - this is a simple fix! What are you doing about it!


Please ......your TVs are great! This is a horror show and reflects poorly on Samsung in this day and age of IT....

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hi, i have the same issue. server not found. any idea on how to fix ? its not a connectivity issues. i am alfready on the internet and can see google and do searches. it seems to fail on certain httpS sites

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