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Channels and internet browser working but no apps

(Topic created on: 23-01-2021 11:21 AM)
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Hi. I have this extremely annoying problem since yesterday. My tv apps stopped working. I did everything i hard reset tv i reset smart hub numerous times. I plugged out and back in, i reset my wifi but nothing helps. Internet is clearly connect because channels and int. browser works fine but no apps but then again when i used phone hotspot everything worked. I also had numerous different issues while doing resets. First it didnt allowed me to sing in in the samaung account, then it did then all apps disappeared then appeared after factory reset. Then smart hub didnt allowed to reset then it did. I have literally destroyed my last nerves because nothing helps and there is no explanation to this issue because internet is clearly working if u go to int browser and enter netflix u can open and watch but no apps.  I also did manual ip with basically i tried everything. Please someone help