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ue40eh5300 remote not working correctly

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Hi all,


The remote for my ue40eh5300 TV isn't turning the TV on. Whilst the TV is turned on, every button works as it should, including turning the TV off!


Any ideas why the remote won't turn the TV on?


I did have a SKY TV box for a while which I used the SKY remote to control the TV with, but now I just want to use the Samsung TV remote as the SKY box is no longer used.





@Brett249: Not sure what could be causing this. Do you have a sound bar, or any other external devices connected to the TV that have their own powering options? If you check the following link and attempt the steps for 'Manually Restart Your Remote' and 'Pair Your Smart Remote Again' (if applicable), does this resolve your issue?

Hi, sorry for the delay. I have tried the manual reset of the remote and TV which haven't sorted the issue. I checked the remote is outputting an IR beam using my camera which it is. Fresh batteries have been installed and still won't switch the TV on. Everything else still works once the TV is switched on manually using the button on the TV.


Any other ideas?




Do you have any other remote you can use with the TV to see if the issue keeps repeating? For example the Sky one? If the other remote works fine then it may be best to get in touch with Samsung technical support via Facebook, Twitter or Live Chat:

If the TV is still in warranty, a replacement remote can be sent to you. 

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