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TV won’t turn on, flashing right side

(Topic created on: 02-10-2023 09:55 AM)
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Came down this morning to find the right hand side of my tv flickering white to black maybe about 10cm vertical.   TV was turned off last night and won’t turn on.  Have disconnected from the power supply but once reconnected it flickers again.  Any suggestion? 

Also, I only bought the TV last December but can’t find the receipt.  It is registered with Samsung, will this be enough for the warranty? 

Model is UE43BU8000KXXU



If you bought it with a credit card or a debit card you should be able to find it on the statement. And from there you might be able to go back to the store - or Samsung if you bought directly from them - and get a copy of the receipt because it's still under warranty. Otherwise in future, don't buy directly from Samsung. Buy from a store where you can buy a repair contract at the same time. After you get this repaired, purchase a multi-year repair contract from a reputable store.

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Hi @Gavin73963 .   Try  the following settings,  Home -Settings > General- Power and Energy Saving, advisable to disable Brightness Optimisation, Brightness Reduction and Motion Lighting.   applicable.  If all fine or still issue  there Can you check all cables and connections to ensure everything is secure. If so press and hold in Power Button for 5 seconds or so to reboot until you see the Samsung logo. If does not solve the issue unplug at mains for around 5 minutes, if possible try a Factory Reset.   If still flicker  after  troubleshooting  try a Picture Test, Settings-support- Self Diagnosis- Picture Test.   if fails or cannot get any further would need investigation.

A receipt helps but registration may well  be sufficient, did you buy direct from a store or direct from Samsung? In any case if ordered online do you not have email receipt.

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