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TV Screen has dark section at top of screen


I solved the issue and this is how. 

After lot of research and dozens of suggestions I decided to try something simple first. 

My Samsung UE39F5500 was connected directly to the Internet, no cables apart from the power.

I opened the back of the TV and made sure everything was properly connected especially the highlighted part on the image. (shows how technical I am). 

Problem solved. 20180826_123745.jpg






@teambarganz, is your TV mounted on the wall? Mine is at an angle so wonder if that has anything to do with it.
Not mine, on a stand. Again, after the settings change (turning off SmartHub) the gradient cleared, BUT it came back a few weeks later. The only effective way to clear gradient now is to unplug the TV for 15-20 minutes before turning it back on.

No, ours is freestanding on its base.


So mine got picked up for repair today. Previously they just fixed it right there but that's not the case. 7-10 days no TV in the middle of the coronavirus nonsense. 

Who is doing the repair for you? How much is it?
I done mine through John Lewis as it was still under warranty

I too have a Samsung TV (UA60JS7200) that the top half of the screen is permanently darker than the rest of the TV. The TV has just turned four years old. R1Law,  you mention that if Samsung gets enough complaints they will investigate. What do you recommend as the best method to contact them to lodge a complaint - via email or by calling them? 

They'll respond to you quicker if you call them. Problem is, I seriously doubt they'll make and exception when it comes to the warranty.

Interestingly there is an embedded link in the TV menu that goes to Samsung support, they call you back and log that info into their system. Using the link sends the TV data (make, model, etc.). Support is the person that mentioned this strategy. I'd keep posting in this forum, use the support link, and possibly send an email directly to Samsung support via their website (include model and software version). 


Hello All,

Have an UE55JU6800 (five years old) and we have had this problem with a shadow in the LOWER PART of the screen intermittently for around six weeks - but for the past week it has become unmovable (we used to be able to switch it off/on etc.).

It fails picture test and there's no s/w update.

It's wall mounted.

Any help appreciated - it's not under warranty.


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