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TV Screen has dark section at top of screen


I solved the issue and this is how. 

After lot of research and dozens of suggestions I decided to try something simple first. 

My Samsung UE39F5500 was connected directly to the Internet, no cables apart from the power.

I opened the back of the TV and made sure everything was properly connected especially the highlighted part on the image. (shows how technical I am). 

Problem solved. 20180826_123745.jpg






You're screwed. Mine has developed the problem twice. In the middle of a lockdown, it's been in repair for the last 3 weeks.

Oh hold the bus.....I completely optimistically checked my emails and PoS was John Lewis and includes 5yr warranty. I'm cockahoop!

Good for you. It is the same for me also. My main worry though is that this is the second time it happened and I'm on my fifth year. After this, no more warranty for me
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Hi IMG-20200424-WA0019.jpg



After talking to Samsung technical support I unplugged all HDMI cables from the tv and the box, reset the modem and cable box and turned the tv back on.  The problem has gone away.  Thank you Samsung!


This will happen again. The dark shading is a software trigger to make the white lettering of the intial menus stand out more. Unfortuately if your cable box has a "power saving" mode, it will occasionally not push enought power through the HDMI port. It's a timing issue for the menu and signal input. 


The proceedure you describe is a temporay fix related to how the Samsung menu is coded. I've "solved" and then had to "re-slove" this issue many time. Come on Samsung - fix this with a firmware/software update. Allow that menu shading to be permanently turned off! 


Sharing that this has happened to my SAMSUNG QE75Q9FNATXXU 75" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV. 14 months old. Contacted Samsung through online chat and they are not interested in assisting. Purchased through Currys PC World. Only way to contact them is by phone and you end up in a queue for over an hour with no reply. Interesting to read R1Law last post about it being a software fault related to the menu background. Better that than a hardware fault I guess. Have tried restarts and  re-plugging in cables with no change.


Tried again with Samsung via online chat and they were not interested since a few weeks over their 12 month warranty. Talked to Comet PC World and extremely helpful. Collecting tomorrow and will repair within ~7 days honouring their 5 year warranty.


Sorry Samsung but I will not be buying another product from you.

I've made that decision too Dom. Every Samsung product I've owned has failed and the following customer service has been poor at best.
Well, John Lewis got back to me to say the TV was not worth fixing so have offered to exchange it with a LG TV and I've accepted. That's me done with Samsung products: Now have a Redmi after my Note 3 stopped charging (having developed the problem twice before) and my J6+ ran like *****. Scrapped my ***** Samsung tablet, which also broke, with an iPad, got rid of my Samsung Watch which refused to update news articles and now the Samsung TV is out of the house after developing the issue being discussed on the thread TWICE. Never buying another Samsung product again.
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