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The worst replacement service I've experienced

(Topic created on: 07-12-2022 09:41 AM)
First Poster

(In a nutshell)

I bought a new 75" TV that was delivered damaged on the 1st of December.

I contacted Samsung on the 2nd of December to tell them of the damage. Pictures were sent and a replacement was organised.

I informed Samsung that the TV would obviously be unboxed, as the box is designed to be destroyed to take the TV out safely. Samsung told me that this would not be a problem.

Monday - The courier arrives and refuses to take the TV because it's unboxed. Apparently Samsung need to request a box be supplied. I contact Samsung and they assure me the next courier will be supplying a box.

Tuesday - The courier arrives without a box and refuses the TV again. Apparently they received no such request for a box. I contact Samsung again and they book the courier again with *extra* assurances that they would be arriving with a box.

Wednesday (today) - I contacted the courier myself this morning and they've informed me that they refuse to supply boxes for Samsung as a supplier. Samsung have to first supply them with a box before collection is attempted. Apparently Samsung should be aware of this, but don't appear to be communicating this to their support staff.

I've got back in touch with Samsung and they're assuring me that the courier will be arriving today with a box even though I've just told them the courier has told me they don't have one for this collection order.

I'm stuck in a horrendous loop.

Rob Osborne

I have had issues with Samsung over fair use on a tv that only lasted 356 hours of use over 18 months. Its a £2k QLED tv. So thats about £5.60 an hour to watch tv.