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ARC- HDMI-CEC starts the wrong device

(Topic created on: 08-12-2022 03:00 AM)
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Hoping for some help on a very frustrating recent problem. I have a Samsung 58TU7000 TV hooked to a Sony receiver via HDMI. There is a DIRECTV recover and also a Sony BDVD player plugged into the receiver, both from HDMI cables into the SAT and DVD inputs on the receiver. There is one HDMI output from the receiver to the arc HDMI input on the TV. Here is the issue…when I use the DIRECTV remote to turn on the DIRECTV receiver and TV, (BDVD player is off), it always turns on the BDVD player and sets the receiver output to BDVD instead of SAT. This used to not happen and would correctly run on the SAT output from the receiver to the TV. It’s very frustrating as we have to manually set the receiver back to SAT each time and turn off the BDVD player. 

This doesn’t happen when the TV CEC if turned off, so I am certain that it is that rather than something simple like the remote tunes to the DVD player. I’ve reset the remote to factory defaults several times so I know it does not turn on the DVD player. Any advice is appreciated.